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80edays - around the world in electric cars crosses KZ

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80edays - around the world in electric cars crosses KZ

Dear EV fans,

my name is Rafael de Mestre, I'm the initiator of 80edays and did the around the world race already in 2012. This year I will repeat it together with 12 international teams and we need your help in Kazakhstan. In 2012 I could not find any three phase charging at the Balkhash what was no problem for me because I was allone and could spend the time swimming in the lake
This time we will have a big problem if we won't find 32A or better 64A three phase.
It would be great if someone could contact me via email to office@80edays.com to give me information where to charge.

All of you are welcome to join or follow our teams which will cross Kazakhstan in the beginning of August.

You also can follow the Twitter in Russian language under www.twitter.com/80edays_ru

The teams will be online and you will be able to follow them online or contacting them via video / chat under www.80edays.com

See you soon
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На форуме присутствуют представители Казахстана, обратитесь к ним.
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